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Incomindios UN Fund

Our services for indigenous
delegates at the UN

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Delegates from Indigenous organizations and groups can apply to Incomindios to receive support to attend UN sessions. Incomindios does not support individuals: delegates must be sent to the UN by an indigenous organisation and enclose a letter of recommendation from them. Until further notice, only delegates from North, Central and South America will be considered for the UN fund.

Allow enough time to plan your attendance at a UN session. Applications submitted less than 2 months before the start of the relevant UN session cannot be processed.



Our support can include the following services:

  • Accreditation of delegates at the UN

  • (Partial) financing of the stay of Indigenous delegates at the UN:  

    • Payment of per diems for accommodation (hotel and meals) for the duration of the UN session in question. The amount of the per diem for meals may vary depending on the venue; in Geneva it is CHF 50/day. Stays that go beyond the duration of the session (e.g. for networking and events) are usually not financed.

    • Funding of flights to the venues of the respective UN sessions.

  • Support in applying for discounted accommodation in Geneva from a partner organization.

  • Support in obtaining the necessary travel visas.

  • Advice and support in submitting oral and written statements to the UN.

  • Submitting video statements to various UN sessions: in this case, no personal presence of the delegate is required. Video statements are not possible at all UN sessions, prior clarification must be made.

  • General advice concerning UN sessions.

  • The organization of side events on specific, relevant topics at various UN sessions can be requested.

A detailed list of relevant UN conferences can be found under this link:


Incomindios cannot always cover the entire cost of attending a UN session. Your chances that your application will be accepted increases if you also have other financing options and you only apply for Incomindios for part of the costs. Any additional funding must be disclosed to Incomindios.

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