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Environment & Resources

Environmental damage resulting from the relentless exploitation of resources on Indigenous territories and the consequences of climate change threaten the livelihoods and health of Indigenous communities.


Incomindios works directly with local Indigenous project partners who seek sustainable alternatives to exploitative resource extractivism to protect Indigenous territories and rights.


Incomindios supports local and international campaigns against resource exploitation, advocates for greater corporate responsibility and makes Indigenous voices heard on various platforms.

Incomindio's booklet

"Natural Resource Use and Indigenous Peoples"

This booklet is an introduction to natural resources. It provides basic information on natural resources and the impacts related to their use as well as the meaning of natural resources to Indigenous Peoples. The booklet contains a section with useful information for Indigenous Peoples and organizations supporting Indigenous communities on how to take an active role in local and global decision and policy making on natural resource use, and how to effectively influence policies and actions leading to resource overexploitation and rights violations. With this booklet we would like to offer a tool to participate in the debate on natural resource use.

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