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Indigenous Rights
& United Nations

Although the UN Charter begins with the words: "We the peoples", the needs of Indigenous Peoples were largely ignored by the UN until the 1970s. When the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in 2007 after a 25-year development process, an important foundation was laid for the enforcement and further development of Indigenous rights. 

The support of Indigenous delegates at the UN has been a main concern of Incomindios since its foundation. Since 2003, Incomindios has held consultative status as an NGO at the UN (ECOSOC) and thus enables Indigenous Peoples to participate in relevant UN forums.

Through the Incomindios Indigenous Youth UN Scholarship program, Incomindios annually supports Indigenous youth in their role as future political leaders. Incomindios also organises side events where Indigenous delegates can present and discuss relevant issues.

Events at the UN

With the ECOSOC advisory status, Incomindios has the opportunity to be actively involved in relevant UN bodies. Within the framework of the specific topics of these bodies, Incomindios regularly organizes side events together with Indigenous delegates and often in cooperation with Indigenous and other civil society organizations. These take place outside the official UN program and offer the opportunity to explore a topic in greater depth. It offers Indigenous Peoples a platform to make their concerns heard in the international community.  

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