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Bildung & Kultur

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Incomindios school modules

The INSCHU program offers various thematic teaching modules for lower, middle and high school students at Swiss schools. The goal is to break down stereotypical ideas about Indigenous societies among children and young people and to convey to the students what it means to live as an Indigenous person in North, Central and South America today. This is intended to promote interaction with people of different cultural backgrounds and intercultural competence in Swiss schools as a whole.

Overview of the offer on the topic:

"Sustainability, climate change, education and communication from the perspective of Indigenous peoples" with a focus on North America.

Together with the cultural mediator Dr. Nina Reuther, Incomindios offers a comprehensive range of workshops on the above topic as part of the INSCHU (Incomindios in schools) program. This program is about countering stereotypes about Indigenous nations of North America, reporting on their contemporary situation and, in the process, sharing their perspective on the colonization of North America.

The program is available for all grades. The teaching methods and content are adapted to the level and are holistic and interactive. The individual modules can be booked in varying amounts of time.

Information on the individual modules and content can be found here.


For questions and further information please contact us at


Education & Culture

Indigenous Peoples and nations have an enormous cultural and linguistic diversity. This wealth contains knowledge from which today's societies can learn. Much traditional Indigenous knowledge has been lost or is still seriously threatened due to the colonial policies of some states. Incomindios advocates for the cultural self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and supports initiatives to promote traditional education and the transmission of knowledge to future generations.


Incomindios aims to raise awareness among children and young people in Switzerland of the challenges faced by Indigenous societies, as well as respect for different cultural views of life. The INSCHU Incomindios in Schools program has developed teaching modules for Swiss schools and educational institutions to promote intercultural competence.

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